NSJ 011 with Guest Jason Van Orden of Internet Business Mastery


The Niche Site Journal Podcast documents the experience of three guys taking brand new niche sites from idea to profitable businesses. Join Jason, Lior, and Dennis as they share their unique processes and insights into the incredible opportunity of building niche websites.

In this episode we have special guest Jason Van Orden of Internet Business Mastery joining in the discussion.

In this episode we cover scheduling content, branding, productivity, business models for online businesses, and more.

Those in this Week’s Master Mind:

Lior at musevsmuse.com

Dennis at castleforgemedia.com

Jason Love at jasonloveslife.com
(JJ the Love Plane)

Jason Van Orden at internetbusinessmastery.com
(Guest Member)

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5 Links for Getting Things Done

I am waist deep in “Getting Things Done by David Allen” and have decided I might as well give this system a try.

I am only halfway through the book, but have done some searching online for resources to make my introduction to this system easier.

Here are 6 links that I have found useful in my attempt at learning this time management system.

I hope to be “Getting Things Done” starting next week. I have a feeling I am going to end up modifying the system to fit my personality and mind set. I will keep you all updated on what the final outcome of all this is.

Here are the links: [Read more…]

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