10.22.18 E-Books are a Bitch

I started the process of writing an ebook for my opt-in gift and began to work on the website. It is going to take way longer than expected; I can already tell. At this point, I wish I had started a month ago when I made the announcement the website and ebook would be done by October 31st.

Another big issue I’m having is that my freelance and performance gigs aren’t coming in as I had hoped (or have in the past). I have one good size client interested, but he is waiting for someone else to be able to book me as a video producer. Normally I get a minimum of one performance gig a week during Halloween, but I have the feeling a few new performers have entered the market and they are undercharging those of us who have been around for a long time.

My goal is to get out of performing magic as my main source of income, but at the moment the wallet is going to be getting pretty tight for the rest of the year.

Accomplished Last Week:

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10.15.18 Next Three Weeks I’m Launching Website & Opt-in Gift

The Week of October 15, 2018

I am noticing a trend of missing the goals that I set for myself. I need to start putting out post-its all over the house with what needs to get done next. That might help me focus or just drive me crazy when the kids start moving my post-its around the house.

Accomplished Last Two Week:

  • Connected with Public Access Channel
    Met with a local public access channel to use their equipment. They have high tech equipment, studio space, and access to fellow content creators. I have to wait till January to join.
  • Create a Plan for the rest of October
    I created a schedule for finishing the Website and the Opt-in book. It is all time blocked on my Google Calendar.

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Week of 10.02.18

I just got done putting in a weekend for a “fun” video project (will share soon), and now I’m exhausted. I love the idea of doing sprints on bigger videos because it puts less pressure on me to keep working. Forcing myself to go super deep and super focused for a short time, makes the insane pile of meaningless (but essential) tasks much easier to accomplish during the downtime.

I’m thinking of ways to incorporate this into my life. Similar to a farmer working extremely hard for harvest, then winter…

Accomplished Over the Last Few Weeks:

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Mailing List Reach Out | Autism A La Mode | Autism Parenting Resources | Week of 08.27.18 & 9.03.18

Week of 08.27.18 & 9.03.18

I missed a lot of my goals from last week and the next two weeks are going to be crazy. Next week we are remodeling our bathroom, and this week we are throwing a birthday party and preparing everything for the remodeling DIY project. Since I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in this construction, plumbing, & painting project, I am not going to be able to do a check-in next week.

It has been a struggle for me to have close to 1,000 people on all my mailing list and yet haven’t emailed them. Some I haven’t emailed in over a year. So, even though this is the week I need to get things together to renovate my bathroom, I’m also going to try to email everyone on my list. [Read more…]

Autism A La Mode | Autism Parenting Resources | Week of 08.20.18

Accomplished Last Week:

  • Started a FIZZLE progress log in their forums for feedback.
  • Refinanced personal loans.
    I went through all the personal loans has (car, student, & mortgage) and planned out how long it will take to pay them off & how much each loan is costing us in interest per month. It is a good motivator to make better decisions in spending.
  • Organized my lists.
    I assembled all the email subscribers I have so I can make a better decision on what to work on and where to put my time.

Subscriber Numbers:

  • 555 Subscribers on Jason Loves Life
  • 393 Subscribers for the Autism A La Mode
  • 110 Subscribers for Mafia Documentary Screening
  • 168 Subscribers for Local Science Events

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Twitter Account Suspended

TweetadderI have been experimenting with  using the tweetadder (an affiliate link) to get more twitter followers. It has been amazingly helpful, however, recently I was “suspended” by Twitter for what they call “Aggressive Following”. Bellow is our corruspondence after my Madman of Magic twitter account was suspended.

My message to them:

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Business Breakdown [Tool]

Intro to Business Breakdown ToolToday I have a very simple, but powerful tool for you.

It is a Business Breakdown poster for your work space. It gives you a look at your market, what makes you different in that market, how you are niched down, and a look at your ideal customer all on one sheet.

Once you fill out the poster, you might want to print it out and post on the wall or save it as your wallpaper on your computer’s desktop.

If you want to jump into downloading the large format image, the link is at the bottom of the post, but I suggest reading through the explanation of how to use and the example below before getting started.

How to use the Business Breakdown Tool

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NSJ 013 – First Episode of 2014

Niche Site Logo

The Niche Site Journal Podcast documents the experience of three guys taking brand new niche sites from idea to profitable businesses. Join Jason, Lior, and Dennis as they share their unique processes and insights into the incredible opportunity of building niche websites.

If you have any questions about the things we mention in this episode, feel free to post it in the comment section below. We read them all and will answer your question in the comment section or on the next podcast episode.

Those in the Master Mind Group:

Lior at musevsmuse.com

Dennis at castleforgemedia.com

Jason at jasonloveslife.com

Things Mentioned in the Show: [Read more…]

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