Niche Site Journal 2.0 – Week 1

This week I was only able to put in 5.5 hours to work on the Niche Site (not including master mind meetings). This had a lot to do with the fact I was working to get the Niche Site Journal Podcast up on itunes.

Also, I have been working on making changes to this blog. The current theme I’m using is really awful. I love the look, but it has so many problems I need to find a new one; which takes time. Something I am always limited on.

Enough excuses, let’s look at some numbers.

Week # 8 Results [Read more…]

Niche Site Journal 2.0 – Week 0

I’m getting ready for the Niche Site Duel 2.0 with Pat Flynn. Like last time, I will be posting weekly updates on my progress. I also joined a Master Mind group with two other online entrepreneurs and we will be recording our meeting for your enjoyment and education (Listen to episode 1).

Week 0 (zero) was all about choosing the perfect niche site.

Before committing to a niche site I took a few days to look at possible keywords. It wasn’t till I found something that fit all my criteria that I decided I would take part in the Niche Site Journal 2.0.

My criteria for my Niche Site [Read more…]

Niche Site Mistake #1: Niche Selection

You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.

You are not special.

The problems you’re facing right now have been experienced by many people before you.

And guess what? They’ve all been answered before.

Repeating Other’s Mistakes is a Waste of Time [Read more…]

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