5 Links for Getting Things Done

I am waist deep in “Getting Things Done by David Allen” and have decided I might as well give this system a try.

I am only halfway through the book, but have done some searching online for resources to make my introduction to this system easier.

Here are 6 links that I have found useful in my attempt at learning this time management system.

I hope to be “Getting Things Done” starting next week. I have a feeling I am going to end up modifying the system to fit my personality and mind set. I will keep you all updated on what the final outcome of all this is.

Here are the links:

  • Get on Tracks: Doing Things Properly (software)
    I personally plan to use Evernote and Google software, but I hear this software is great if you don’t already use those programs.
  • minezone.org: Notes from Getting Things Done
    A breakdown of the basic concepts and systems in the book in a minimalist format. I assume this article is notes for someone learning the system.
  • David Allen Company (the creators of the system): Free Articles
    You have to sign-up, but you get access to 15 articles and 5 helpful handouts.
  • Internet Business Mastery: Getting Things Done (GTD) with Mindmaps
    Jason Van Orden talks about how he used the GTD. Since his business is similar to mine I found it really help to see how he implemented his action items and projects.
  • The Secret Weapon: Useful videos

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