NSJ 008 SEO images, being sketchy, and YouTube Channels

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In this episode we talk about SEO images, being sketchy, and YouTube Channels. Dennis also discusses his new way of  making money online. The idea is to rank a video relating to a specific service in a specific city in order to rent out the phone number to local businesses.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this business model.

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Those in the Master Mind Group

Lior at musevsmuse.com

Dennis at castleforgemedia.com

Jason at jasonloveslife.com

Show Notes:

Here is the video Dennis mentions as an example of creating videos in order to rank them in Google.


An example where my ghost writer’s English is in question.

Employees at managerial level are more responsible than their actual responsibilities.”

Image description, caption, and alt tags mentioned in the episode.

These are the areas you can edit for images in wordpress.


This is the Alternative Text

This is the Caption.

If you click the image above you can see where the “description” for the image shows up.

Things Mentioned in the podcast:

Check out Dennis’ Animated Doodle’s for your Videos.

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