Getting Things Done with Evernote

I am really close to having a working system for the “Getting Things Done” system utilizing Evernot.

Here is a break down of  how I have gotten to this point.

1: Read several books looking for the perfect solution (not found)

2: Searched internet for what other people said they liked

3: Researched Getting Things Done (GTD) as it seemed to be the most talked about.

4 (now): I’m finishing up reading the book Getting Things Done and also studying how to utilize the system with Evernote.

Having a working time management system is important for all niche site creators. Especially because we work from home and have the ability to slack off or procrastinate without the fear of a boss watching over us.

I went for years without managing my time, but now I realize it is important to have a system in place to run a successful business; especially not that I have a son and wanting to spend time with him.

Why you should be implementing a Time Management System ASAP:

  1. As businesses owners it is easy for us to get overwhelmed with to do lists. A Time Management System simplifies this.
  2. We have to juggle multiple projects with a variety of tasks that need to be accomplished and various times (Update website, write article, design new logo, etc).
  3. Working from home makes it hard to separate personal life from work, a time management system can help with this.
  4. FOCUS! Procrastination is the killer of productivity. Utilizing a time management system reduces many of the excuses we use to procrastinate.
  5. It gives us a measuring tool to see that we are not wasting our day. If you are a numbers nerd like me, you get a weird satisfaction out of quantifying my ability to get things done.

My guess is you don’t have an entire week to dedicate to your time management system. I would recommend find other people systems and try to integrate it with what you are currently doing.

After I create my system, I plan to implement it for several weeks and a few months down the road share with you what is working and what didn’t.

The other things I am excited about related to this experiment is that I hope to use Evernote to be the hub of my system. Now I love Evernote. I currently use it in a scattered and chaotic way to keep my notes on a variety of subjects.

After doing all this research, blog reading, YouTube watching, and experimenting I realize that I can use Evernote for more than just a cluttered pile of notebooks.

Evernote Logo

I hope to turn it into:

  • My Getting Things Done filling system.
  • My Client Relationship Manager (keeps track of clients information).
  • A Study guide for a variety of topics (using webclipper function).
  • Storing reference images.
  • Archiving ideas for future projects.
  • Outlining blog posts.
  • Saving my comic book outlines & scripts.
  • and a lot more.

I’m very excited about all the possibilities that Evernote can provide.

What are you using Evernote for?
Let me know in the comment section below.

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